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Radio City Music Hall

October 3, 2010

This weekend at Radio City – Lord of The Rings, The Two Towers, on a huge screen in high def with 300 players on stage performing the score.  Awesome.  Go see it.


the hottest new charity on the scene

August 24, 2010

this is nothing short of outstanding

August 7, 2010

CLICK THE LINK, and enjoy!!!!!!    The Bed Intruder Song

The Dead Weather play Prospect Park tonight!!!!!!!! And Sharon Jones/Budos Band/Daptone coming Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 3, 2010

Les Paul: amazing film about the man who changed music

June 16, 2010

The man who invented multi-track recording.  A pure and simple love for creating great unique sounds, a man after my own heart.  Watch this amazing video:

street art piece of the month

June 10, 2010


new track!!!

June 3, 2010

Hammerhands a.k.a King Raoh flipped on the Korg Mono/Poly and fire erupted from his fingertips.  DJ Massive G harnessed the fury and forged this extrasuperdutytough track

note:  The acapella is quite obviously NOT OURS!  That is the great Missy Elliot of Atlantic Records, we just made the beat and posted this remix.  Our original track available for licensing is on our “Music” page